10 Reasons to buy a property in Cyprus

//10 Reasons to buy a property in Cyprus

10 Reasons to buy a property in Cyprus

Cyrpus has become one of the most popular places when it comes to buying property. More and more people, especially British ex-pats and EU citizens are now interested in Cyprus real estate.

But what are the reasons for this island to be so demanded in 2018? Well, actually there’s a long list of reasons starting for the fact that the island is simply beautiful to live in. But, the world is filled with beautiful places so, this can’t be the only reason why buying property in Cyprus is a trend.

Let’s take a look at all the possibilities this island has to offer to so many different lifestyles, and maybe you’ll find yourself looking to buy a home in Cyprus.

Why Buying Cyrpus property? 10 reasons

Climate and location

We mentioned before that Cyprus is really beautiful, and one of the reasons why it’s so pretty is its climate. With more than 300 days of sunshine during the year, Cyprus will always offer a cheerful sky and a very healthy air. Besides, the fact of it being a Mediterranean island makes the atmosphere very clear.

The few days Cyprus is not so shiny, it still offers cool temperatures and clear skies so you won’t feel depressed or sad. And if you like some snow, you have it anyways! As you could go to the Troodos Mountains during winter and find a light layer of snow like for about 4 months (December-March).

Besides, the fact that it’s located in the middle of 3 continents makes it easier to have access to several neighbor countries on vacation, living or business terms.


Ok, so the second reason why Cyprus is so beautiful is its variable landscapes. Beaches and some jungle are the most common scenery you can find. From very wild jungle beaches with white sand and some wild sweet animals such as donkeys to desert beaches with golden sands.

But the best part is that you can also find Mountains with an antique Hellenistic style and stone houses, monasteries and snow. And if that’s not enough, there’re cosmopolitan and party cities too. All these marvels with luxury accommodation options, as well as modest houses, apartments, and everything in between.

Prices and cost of living

Cyprus Real Estate has something for you no matter what’s your budget. From very cheap stone houses or apartments that are restored to have all the commodities to really luxury villas in Cyprus.

Depending on the region you can buy houses in Cyprus for as little as €100.000 and apartments for sale in Cyprus for even €60.000. Those are prices that not so much paradises-on-earth can offer.

But Cyprus real estate prices are not the only thing that is incredibly more affordable on the island than in other places. As the government regulates a lot the costs of services, the cost of living in Cyprus is also very affordable. Retires take advantage of this to upgrade their lifestyle during their golden years, actually, there’re several ex-pats communities on the island, especially British.

Food and wine

As a Mediterranean island, traditional food in Cyprus is what we commonly call “luxury plates” in any other country of the EU. That makes it a paradise for gastronomy lovers, as they can delight with the most exotic seafood, meats, and pastries for the same price they would pay for less fancy food.

Also, eating in Cyprus has a lot to do with sharing with others. It’s a great place for families to join together and enjoy the Meze which is a combination of all the culinary marvels of Cyprus.

On the other hand, Cyprus is also very famous for its winery which is top quality and very enjoyed on the island. You can find several wine festivals around the year to enjoy for really cheap prices. All these experiences make living in Cyprus a dreamed lifestyle.

Immovable Property Tax abolishment

Yes! As good as you read it; the Immovable Property Tax has been completely abolished for buyers in Cyprus. No matter if your Cypriot or foreigner, you won’t be paying this tax for simply buying a home in Cyprus.

Regulated fees

As we mentioned before, the government of Cyprus heavily regulates the costs of services. That’s why you’ll find cheap Cyprus property for sale that is still very high quality. But the best part is that this also means that services such as lightning, water, sewers, etc are very affordable too.

When it comes to mortgages, if you’re smart enough to get a personal lawyer, you’ll find yourself with a great deal, paying very affordable fees and enjoying the property of your dreams.

Life conditions

If excellent weather, affordable delicious food and wine, services and property prices are not enough for you, then the living conditions will definitely do. You’ll be glad to know that the medical system is excellent and inexpensive, as public hospitals and facilities are heavily supported by government regulations.

On the other side, the educational system is very similar to the one in the UK with high standards and exceptional professionals. Finally, Cyprus is one of the countries in the EU with the lowest crime rate and things like robbery are very rare on the island.

Business opportunity

Cyprus is popular not only in receiving ex-pats but also is one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. Renting property in Cyprus or acquiring holiday homes for sale in Cyprus can end up in a growing business opportunity.

Everything to discover!

Finally, Cyprus has everything to offer, there’s something to do for absolutely any taste. From archeological and cultural festivals, museums and activities, to beach relaxation, to mountain exploring and extreme activities to partying and social interacting, you can do everything in Cyprus.

Shopping is also possible with their immense traditional and modern markets. Discovering ancient places and learning to dare you with extreme adventures in Limassol or Troodos Mountains.

Partying in Ayia Napa or simply enjoying art demonstrations with a good wine in the Kurion’s amphitheater after a day in the beach… The possibilities are infinite!

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