Carnival in Limassol

//Carnival in Limassol

Carnival in Limassol

Special events in Limassol.

In February and March there is the traditional carnival in Limassol.

The carnival is colorful and full of joy and celebration.

The carnival lasts about ten days and has been celebrated in the city for over 100 years.

For carnival everyone is invited freely and is free of charge.

The carnival participants will be able to enjoy an impressive procession, special and varied costumes, food stands, music and more.

Carnival is just a real experience!

At the end of August towards the beginning of September there is a wine festival in Limassol.

The wine festival that takes place in the city attracts many visitors to the city of Limassol,

It is a festival which was first held in 1961. At the festival there is a wine-making ceremony, accompanied by music and dancing.

The festival is a kind of worship for the god of wine, dionysus and beauty goddess Aphrodite.

The festival is known as a special festival and is full of joy and enjoyment.

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