Casino in Limassol

//Casino in Limassol

Casino in Limassol

Hard Rock – Melco Casino Limassol

In Greek Cyprus, there is a very luxurious casino.

The casino opens in the city of Limassol and operates temporarily until it is moved to a permanent building.
The temporary casino is located in the supermarket Orphanides Supermarket in Zakaki.

The casino is scheduled to open soon and will also be in the city of Limassol, this casino will be the first casino in Cyprus in cooperation with the companies Melco International and Hard Rock.
The casino, which is due to open soon in Limassol, will be the largest casino of its kind in Europe.
In the casino there will be roulette, blackjack tables, poker, Texas hold’em, many game machines and much more …
The decision to open the first casino on the island, was made to improve the economy in Cyprus.

Everyone believes that the new casino, in addition to the short flights from Israel to Cyprus, will make Cyprus and Limassol and Paphos a leading tourist destination in Europe and around the world.

The new casino in the city of Limassol will attract more and more tourists from all over the world and will add success to the economy in Cyprus and to the tourism sector in a very significant way.

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