Why do you need to visit Cyprus?

//Why do you need to visit Cyprus?

Why do you need to visit Cyprus?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and a tourist paradise. Due to its locations and warm weather, it’s the perfect place to visit if you love sun and beaches. Besides sand and sun, Cyprus is a place rich in culture, history, ancient temples and architectural wonders, making it the ideal place for all kinds of visitors and tourists, and its beautiful cities make it a perfect place to spend your holidays.

Cyprus, your next destination

There are a lot of beautiful cities in Cyprus, starting from its capital, Nicosia. In Nicosia you can visit some of the most popular museums of the island, like the Cyprus Museum, the Byzantine Museum and the Ledra Observatory Museum. It is the last divided capital in the world, and a place worth to visit. Another cities and resorts to visit in Cyprus are:

  • Protaras: this resort located in the most south part of the island, offers a large number of hotels and places to stay in. Home of Fig Tree Bay, one of the best beaches in Europe. Protaras also has to offer a huge number of holiday’s rentals and this is one of the advantages of spending your holidays in Cyprus.
  • Paphos: A city rich in archaeological beauty, Paphos is also known for being considered as the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Its cultural heritage and historical places what makes Paphos especially attractive. You can visit the Tomb of The kings and the Paphos Archaeological Park if you like ancient and archaeological places.
  • Ayia Napa: The ideal place to enjoy the nights in Cyprus. It offers an active nightlife and a large number of clubs and bars. The resort of Ayia Napa is well known for its beautiful beaches and its discos and bars.
  • Limassol: being the second largest city in Cyprus, Limassol has a lot to offer. From sandy beaches to an active nightlife, this city is a popular destination for tourist and visitors. Home of the Limassol castle and the Kourion ancient ruins, this place offers a trip to the past and a sight to its ancient culture.

Historic attractions: Cyprus’ popular places

Thisbe and Pyramus House of Dionysos

Thisbe and Pyramus House of Dionysos

Cyprus is an island filled with history, ancient temples, archeological ruins and a lot of historic attractions. Here is a list of the most popular places for holidays and vacations:

Paphos Mosaics in the House of Dionysus.

Location: Paphos
A restored Roman Villa, probably owned by a member of the Roman ruling class, filled with mosaics and floor decorations, offering a peak to the Roman culture and civilization.

Tomb of The Kings

Location: Paphos
The name of this place comes from the magnificence of the tombs, because no king was buried there. These underground tombs are an object of study and a place for archeological excavations, even today. The tombs were carved out of solid rock and were the burial place for high ranking officials and aristocrats.

Paphos’ Castle

Location: Paphos
This Byzantine fort was built to protect the harbor. It was declared an Ancient Monument in 1935 and actually is a popular tourist destination.

Makronissos Tombs

Location: Ayia Napa
A burial place used during the Roman periods. This place consists of a sanctuary and 19 tombs were is believed that clay sarcophagus was placed.

Local cuisine



Food is a very important aspect of every trip or vacation to a new place, and Cyprus is not the exception. Cyprus history and location gives it a special taste in food and drinks, making it a perfect place to try new dishes and the local cuisine.
One of the first things you need to try is the Halloumi, a cheese made of a combination of sheep and goat milk. This cheese has a very high fusion point, so you can fry it or grill it and it will not melt.
Cyprus is an island filled with culture, traditions and history, and you can see all of this in its gastronomy. Different dishes for different tastes, the local cuisine may surprise you with all the flavors:

  • Seafood: There is plenty of options in the seafood department: calamari, sea bass, octopus, gilt-head bream, cuttlefish, with the lemon drizzled fried calamari a good and popular option to start.
  • Meze: The meze is a series of small dishes with a large variety of food, served in a particular progression and its one of the most popular and delicious dishes on the island. You can find it in a large number of restaurants and taverns across the island.
  • Vegetables: Cyprus’ potatoes have a unique taste and oven-baked it’s the popular way to eat it. Salads are served with every meal.
  • Drinks: from beer to glyko, a coffee with fruit sweets, Cyprus offers diverse drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to accompany your meals.

Advantages of spending your holidays in Cyprus

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

In Cyprus there is a large number of holidays’ resorts and cities where you can stay, giving you different options to choose from. Some of the advantages of spending your holidays in Cyprus are:

  • A perfect place if you and your companions love the sun: Cyprus is a beautiful island full of wonderful beaches, with blue and turquoise waters, to spend your days. Also, it has some of the largest waterparks in Europe, increasing the options to enjoy the sun.
  • For history lovers: the already mentioned archeological places and temples make Cyprus an attractive place if you love historical monuments and ruins.
  • Easy access to all the places: you can explore most of the island’s tourist sites by bus or you can rent a car and visit everything. Some places are off the main road, ideal for a quick hike or mountain bike if you love the adventure.
  • Its weather and climate: the average temperature rounds 13-26 °C, with wet winters and a little bit hotter summers, making Cyprus the perfect place to visit at any time of the year.
  • The nightlife: there is a large number of nightclubs and discos on the island. Ayia Napa is known to be the winner in the nightlife category, offering some of the best places to go and enjoy live music or discos in general.

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